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PA Sound Reinforcement and Stage Lighting Hire

We provide professional DAS Aero Line Array sound reinforcement systems with • Yamaha CL 5/3/1 range of audio consoles.
We can also provide state of the art generic and moving lights, from the industry’s most trusted manufacturers, that are used to create a visual experience to create the maximum impact for any kind of staged event.
All Equipment, including operating crew, can be hired by the day, week or longer.

Fire and Security Services

MTSH through our sister company SPL has provided security and steward services for exhibitions & shows, concerts & festivals, sporting events, product launches, private parties and corporate functions. We can supply any number of fully SIA licensed staff, all highly trained, to provide a safe environment and an enjoyable experience.

First Aid Team Support

If your event or venue has a need for medical cover, we have the solution. From the supply of Solo Event Medics to Multiple Team Event Medics we will ensure people’s safety and well-being at your event. All our skilled medical teams are trained in nationally recognized qualifications endorsed by such organisations as IHCD and have extensive knowledge and experience in lifesaving and first aid skills.


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